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Michaela Wissen
Does LA


When planning our social shoot for The Deep End in Los Angeles, we came across the incredibly talented photographer and It-Girl Michaela Wissen. Michaela started her career as a concert photographer in Stockholm, working for a music production company. "The first picture I took was at Rihanna’s concert, in the pit in front of the crowd, it was hard to keep my eye behind the lens cause I have a huge girl crush on Riri."


How do you prepare for a shoot?

"The day before a shoot I like to do my homework on the brand and find inspiration for it on Instagram and Pinterest. I also make sure to be as organised as I possible, by getting all my camera gear together before I go to bed. I’m always afraid of losing stuff, especially memory cards. It’s happened before, and it’s not a pretty scene. Then the most important part of all, rest!"


A day in the life of photographer Michaela Wissen

"My days are always so different from each other. But typically, they start off with a morning coffee, a work out and some emails. If I’m shooting, I’m usually busy all day. I live way out of LA - takes me about 45 min to get anywhere somewhat central, so shoot days don’t leave room for much else. When I’m not shooting or editing, you can find me at the beach with my boyfriend and my dogs. Which is usually followed by a nice home cooked meal and some delicious vino."

michaela-in-fade-jumpsuit.jpg sophia-in-botanica-maxi-dress.jpg

What made you decide to move to L.A?

"I was ready to move on after 5 years in New York. I feel like I got my dose of high pace stressful city life. Also, I love the nature, I love love, and I found them both in LA!"

A hidden L.A. secret?

"If you want to experience authentic American cuisine, go to The Old Place in Malibu Canyon. They have the best chicken pot pie I‘ve had!"

michaela-in-jolie-dress.jpg sophia-in-fade-jumpsuit.jpg
INSTAGRAM – @michawissen