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World of S.

Mother's Day Muse

Founder and Creative Director Jessica Reid

In celebration of Mother’s Day we took some time out in
the studio to talk family, fashion and juggling it all.

Women Holding Up Baby

On Motherhood

Motherhood is my greatest joy and greatest challenge. The all consuming love I have for Asher & Tyler is like nothing else in this world. I believe in order to be the best parent you can be, you need to pursue your own dreams and ambitions. If you’re happy and content within yourself, this will flow through to the rest of your family. In leading by example, I want to inspire my daughters to be strong, compassionate and believe that can succeed at anything they choose in life.

Women Holding Baby with Young Girl Playing

On Style

My style is all about relaxed elegance and embracing femininity. Don’t be afraid to captivate a room and make a statement, to me that radiates confidence. Transitional dressing is key. I don’t have time to change three times a day, so my s t e e l e . wardrobe takes me from day time meetings to cocktails with ease.

Women Holding Holding Hands With Young Girl

On Business

Balancing running a business and motherhood is not easy. There is no such thing as the perfect balance, all you can do is try. My business represents my journey, passion and desire to challenge myself to succeed. My definition of success? Teaching my girls that with hard work and determination, you can have it all. A woman can be successful in life in as many areas as she chooses. In business and as a wife and mother.

Whatever you choose… the world is truly your oyster.