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A testament to the brazen feminine spirit, s t e e l e . is the contemporary Australian fashion label that exists to inspire confidence through strength in one’s femininity.

Created for the modern sophisticate, we offer a curated collection of womenswear that favours commanding silhouettes, striking patterns, and above all, a strong sense of versatility.

Defining the delicate balance between whimsical femininity and a distinct contemporary edge, the s t e e l e . brand has evolved to become a leading force in the Australian fashion industry.

Our brand is represented in leading retailers both nationally and internationally, whilst forging its own strong online presence through the s t e e l e . e–boutique.

“Confidence is feeling natural and effortless. I believe our modern wardrobes should reflect the world we live in and versatility is key. So, the duality of sophistication and wearability in our design process is paramount.”

– Founder, Jessica Reid.

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